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Play Ball!!

Christopher George

Welcome to the Big Bat Baseball Blog!

It has been a long time coming and I hope you find it both informative and entertaining. The game has come a long way since the team sat at my dining room table over 2 years ago. It was a simple idea for a simple game at the time. It is still a simple game at its core, but we have added a lot so that it can be played competitively as well. We really think the game is fun to play casually or if you are really into baseball, you can try your best to coach your team to victory!

And did I mention how great it looks? The classic style is nice on the eyes!

The game should be ready for submittal to the App Store within the month. We will be releasing on Facebook and Android soon after.

Our hope is that you will enjoy playing Big Bat Baseball as much as we do. We have had a great time creating it. In the next post I'll share a little history with you and then get into more details about the game and the team!

Have a great day!